About Us


Teamwork Bible College commenced in 2001. It was fully inaugurated a full Bible College in 2002 under the mentorship of the late Rev. Evans of C.P.M. Ojike Lane, Aba.

It all began when Dr. Christian Awo Kalu enrolled in Bible college. There were more than 100 student enrolled in the college but not more than sixty graduated. The remainder dropped out because they could not afford tuition fees. Dr. Awo became very concerned for his course mates that did not graduate. It was in this state that he heard a voice say, “If I give you a Bible School, will you make the burden easier for students?” His response was “yes”. He purchased a pen and paper and as he was about to write, the Lord spoke again: “removing the burden in theological education.” Teamwork Bible College was therefore born with the aim of making training easy for Bible students. Our fees are relatively easy to afford.

Our first location was at No. 7 Abam Street as Christian Life School of Theology under Rev. Joseph Famoye from the U.S.A who wanted us to run a system outside of our vision. But God by His providence linked us with Teamwork Bible College USA. However, the remittances we were required to make to Teamwork annually soon became too burdensome, a stumbling block to our vision.

Teamwork established a partnership with Bishop Tom Brown of El Paso, Texas USA. Due to doctrinal differences, this partnership was not continued.

During a recent visit to the USA, Teamwork Bible College Ministries International requested affiliation with Southeastern Theological Institute in Lithonia, Georgia (www.southeasternti.com). They graciously accepted our request. Dr. Samuel C. Scott is our new President of TWBCMI. Southeastern Theological Institute is authorized and accredited. This affiliation will bring tremendous support to TWBCMI and allow us to maintain our vision of providing quality tuition at affordable rates.

Today, Teamwork Bible College is fully registered in Nigeria as a ministry of the Word. Our number is CAC/if No. 80198cd. We are an affiliate of Southeastern Theological Institute USA. What started in a small shanty at No. 7 Abam Street, Aba with four students which later increased to ten when we moved to our current location at 216 Ehi Road, Aba, now has over five hundred students, and a two-story building at No. 4 Hardy Street, Ogbor-Hill (student hostel). In addition, we have recently acquired number 255 School Road, Aba as our permanent site.

The founding members of Teamwork Bible College Ministries International are Dr. Israel Awo, Sir. Ndubuisi Kalu, Pastor Gift Awo. Our pioneer students are Rev. Dr. Paul Isaac, Mrs. Ugo Emewu, Chidubem Enyioma and Steven Onum.

Teamwork Bible College is a success story. JOIN US!